Last night started out poorly really. He was depressed and I sat there trying to do my best to make things better but it is hard. We drank. I made food. It started to rain and thunder and we went outside. We took a walk around the block and I took a cigarette with me. “That’s not going to stay lit.” He said to me as we walked in the rain and I sparked it up. “Yes it will.” I took a deep drag to get it really burning. We walked and it burned. I started talking in a British accent for some reason. There was thunder and lightning and it was probably stupid to be outside but such things are troubles for sober minds. As we came back around the block the sprinklers were going. Stupid during the rain. We ran through them and my cigarette stayed lit. I chased him around under the water. Neighbors peaked their heads out to see what was happening, but said nothing. Did nothing. We finally sat down on the grass in the middle of three sprinkler heads just getting doused. Laughing and talking and my cigarette still burning against all odds. I took another drag and another and then the filter was too soggy to work anymore so I dropped it into the wet grass and let it go out.


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