Waiting for technology

I really really really need my netbook to be here like… a week ago. I’m typing this from my laptop that can *only* get a power connection of it’s jammed up against the back of this chair. If I move it even an inch I may never be able to get it to work again. Also, my keyboard doesn’t work so I’m using a USB keyboard and it’s all extremely awkward and not comfortable and nowhere even remotely close to a good working environment. It’s seriously hard to deal with. It’s seriously killing my productivity. I should have just gotten a chromebook instead of trying to deal with these ridiculous people in China yanking me around for over a fucking month. At the bottom of all the e-mails they send me it says “Friends Forever!” I’m like….. really? ARGH! I NEED that goddamn thing. ***fumes*** Anyway, I should stop complaining and get back to my awkward uncomfortable work. Last night Carrie ended up crashing out on our couch because she was hella drunk and didn’t want to drive home. (good call!) We had quite sex upstairs and hopefully didn’t wake her. It was still really good. Ooooooooookay. For reals. I’m gone.


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