Birthday Shmirthday

Tomorrow is my birthday (actually like 3 hours from now) My birthday makes me vaguely uncomfortable. I don’t really like the attention. I have to work really early in the morning the next day so it’s not too funtacular. I would prefer to stay home all day and get drunk with my girlfriend but some friends want to take me out to lunch and my parents want to take me out to dinner, so it’s actually going to be a busy day. I’m going to feel awkward and hold still and silently pray to atheismo that no one makes the wait staff sing to me… because that might make me crawl under the table and die forever. RIP shy girl: too shy to live.

Soooo anyways, I just spent like an hour carving at drywall with a kitchen knife. There is a huge hole in the wall that I sorta maybe made while wrestling with my SO and I am fixing it with cardboard and hot glue and Spackle. I feel like I inhaled some drywall dust which doesn’t feel super awesome, but oooh well.


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