Tiny tech

Yooooo! I’m pretty much loving my tiny laptop. (except windows 8 sucks but I’m getting used to it and also the space bar is a little weird but I’m getting used to that too.) But really, it’s awesome and pretty much exactly what I wanted / needed. I have not had a fully functional computer for a loooooonnnnnng while. *self high five* I’m really happy with it. I haven’t bothered to try and call the credit card companies to see if they can help me with that money I lost… but… I still should. I just ugh hate talking on the phone especially to call center people. But really I’m super happy about this piece of technology. It’s so small and light weight and pretty much exactly what I wanted. I just realized last night that it doesn’t have a CD player which is okay I don’t actually need one, it’s just kinda weird. I’ve never had a computer without one before. But it’s really small so I don’t really see where they’d put one anyway.

………….. In other news……………



We saw Murder by Death in concert last night.  It turned out that they weren’t going on until like 11pm so we were there *way* too early. We walked around downtown and got a drink and pizza and it was raining lightly and beautiful. Before we decided to go for a walk we were in the venue we saw these three guys playing pool (quite well) and we were talking to my cousin and her friends and sort of in their way. We didn’t pay much attention to them besides that. However, a few hours later when Murder by Death finally took the stage we realized that it was the main goddamn singer and the 2 male members of the band playing pool right next to us for like an HOUR and WE DIDN’T RECOGNIZE THEM. We all sorta freaked out about that. They played pretty much every song that I really wanted to hear. We were riiight up close to them, (as you can see from the pics) it was a tiny little venue. The cello player is my favorite. She’s super talented and Mike and I joked the whole time that we were going to steal her for out band.


Buuut yeah. They’re one of my favorite bands. Their new album is awesome.

So! I’m going to stop writing this now. I have adult chocolate milk and potato vodka and cheese flavored popcorn so… peace!


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