Shout out

Shout out to all my new followers! I have quite a few and the majority are random strangers. So, what’s up? Thanks for your interest. At least  5 of the people who have followed me recently are religious-y and have Jesustacular blogs. I’m confused about why they would follow me. Do my strange and kinky posts make you want to save my sin-sational soul? Or are you just curious? Well, I’ll say straight up that I’m a very passionate atheist, and nothing short of god reaching down and slapping me on the face with his own divine palm is going to convince me otherwise. I believe in science, evolution,  falsifiability, rational thought, and compassion. I believe in Helping others and being a good person because it is the right thing to do, not because you think it will earn you tickets to somewhere nice once you’re dead. 



Anyway…. enough of that rant. If you still want to follow me, awesome.

 So, anyway… a lot of those things I said I wanted in my previous entry happened. I’m wearing his hoodie right now but not out of cold-ness. Just because it feels nice and comforting and I am weak. Even more now because of unfortunate lady reasons. Buuut yeah, last night was intense and good and I needed it. We needed it I think, maybe. He hurt me and it was consensual, intense, nearly overwhelming. Afterward he held me for a very long time and then we had sex and it was perfect. It left me wanting more and more and more, to feel him inside of me again and again until I can’t even move or think. Woah, but I digress. I’m sore all over and stiff and moving hurts and so does not moving. But it’s good, amazing. I feel calmed and relieved and like myself. (also safe, and loved.) So… that’s pretty much all I’m going to say for now. I have lots of things I should be doing, but I might take a tiny nap instead, I dunno. We’ll see. 



One thought on “Shout out

  1. Somber says:

    After reading this post, all I have to say.. Bravo!

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