we finished recording an entire song, in one night. it was the most successful recording session we’ve had so far. Now it’s 5:30am and I feel like I should stay up to finish at least one article. i’m nervous about the wedding. i don’t want to mess anything up. i’m feeling very overwhelmed all around. also, exhausted. but happy, excited, a bit accomplished. “the magic” is ready to go into editing. 


2 thoughts on “music

  1. Somber says:

    Do you have somewhere that you will post it?

    Good luck for today!!
    Go kick ass with how awesome you guys are!

    • valerianblue says:

      We are recording an entire album and it’s going to take quite some time. This was only the second song we have successfully recorded. It’s really hard and time consuming and there are so many factors that need to go perfectly and ugh. When it’s done we are going to post it absolutely everywhere and give it away for free and try to get publicity/donations hopefully.

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