What’s up spoopy people? Not too much here really. I’m doing work in another tab, but that’s pretty much it. I painted my nails all Halloween status because fuck yeah! Halloween forever! I still have like 2 more halloween nail styles I wanna try by the end of the month, but we’ll see if that actually happens. I’m still loving my tiny new laptop. Unfortunately, my phone decided to fucking break forever. The screen won’t stay lit up when I slide it open (I have a ghetto phone, shut up. Don’t judge me.) It will only stay lit up if I hold it a very specific way and that is NOT the way I need to hold it to text and otherwise fucking use it for stuff. So…. It’s like *barely* usable at this point. Which is extremely un-cool and it’s probably going to be MONTHS before I can do anything about it. I can have a free phone upgrade through Verizon (If I commit my family to another 2 years with them….) but it would cost an extra $20 per month, and I genuinely don’t fucking have that right now. At. All. Sooooo I dunno. I guess I’ll just try to deal with it for now. I guess I could go back to the EXTREMELY ghetto phone my parents keep as a backup, but I re-he-heeeally don’t want to do that either. Whatever. Ugh. I need to go back to my work, so it can be done and I can be free of it. Laters creatures.


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