Post-Post-Halloween Post

I was going to make an entry a few days ago but then I didn’t because I’ve been writing aaay lot for money and I just don’t feel like doing any extra-curicular writing. But! I will anyway right now because… why not? Halloween was not too bad. Our plans ended up getting un-cancelled sorta and we hung out with a couple friends and watched a movie and things of that nature. Check out my sweet Frankenstein(‘s Monster) nail polish. It came out okay, though the picture is pretty terrible. 


We carved pumpkins a few days beforehand at my parents’ house while my relatives were still in town. It was nice. We also busted out all of the Halloween decorations and put some of them up. Here is a picture of my little brother giving a creepy *eyes light up* witch decoration a tender kiss on the cheek. 


My little brother is a grown ass man by the way, as you can tell from the facial hair 😛 

I’ve been feeling sorta sick the past couple days. My throat hurts and I’ve been coughing. Instead of buying cough medicine I bought myself honey which I have been putting in tea and drinking like mad. I finished my first week of my new writing job. It was difficult and I had 2 all-nighters, but I did it. Hopefully I will be seeing that money soon. Or any money really, would be nice. I’m hoping this week won’t be quite as hard since I’m getting the hang of it now. 

Hanukkah is apparently coming up pretty soon, the day before Thanksgiving. All I asked for were things to protect my technology 😛 A phone case, screen protectors, and a new laptop case because I only have a HUGE one for my huge old laptop and my tiny new laptop totally just slides around in there and it really provides next to no protection. I’m enjoying my new phone, it’s very useful. I got it for free, and it’s waterproof, both of which are awesome. I still find myself begin paranoid about it like “oh no! I set my phone down in a little puddle of water!” and then I’m all … oh wait… it’s waterproof,  it could not give less of a fuck. 

Welp! I’m really hungry and I have $10 so …. I should get something to eat but I dunno what to get and I’m all sick and lazy and bluuuugh. But I guess I’ll do something. 






One thought on “Post-Post-Halloween Post

  1. Rebeka Renae says:

    Awesome pic, that kid is somethin’ special.

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