take. what’s. mine.

* agonized groan* I have so much work to do this week it’s pretty ridiculous and traumatizing. I have a 3-4 page paper due on Sunday and a 1-2 page paper due on Sunday and a 4-6 page paper due on Monday and 5 850-900 word articles due by Sunday by 7pm. **slight panic**  Write. write. wriiiiiite. I think it’s kinda funny actually these people I see on my tumblr doing NANO. I’m like…. ha that’s funny you have a life where you don’t have to write thousands of words every week in order to survive and you feel like forcing yourself to write that much just for fun. Ha. Funny. I remember when I used to want to write novels. I felt it like a drug but as I drug (dragged) myself through more and more endless hours of papers, as i commodified  my writing and condensed my creativity into small verses, tiny poems, that cute little fire guttered and uttered no cry for more tinder. But maybe someday, if I ever feel a true inspire I’ll aspire to such things once more. For now there is simply too much else going on, and I have let my creativity go into different outlets. I need to go to work now. I want to do a lot so I can relax and enjoy a tiny bit of time to myself tomorrow night.


One thought on “take. what’s. mine.

  1. Rebeka Renae says:

    And those outlets bring tears to eyes and rip out heart guts and show them to people, and stomp on most of what other read out in the world. Also you are amazing for how much you write and I love you and all that mushy junk I should probably just show you with my mouth and hand bits. ❤ ❤ ❤

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