Nosferatu…oh wait… I mean… nostalgia.

I miss xanga. It felt like a safe, personal place in a way that this website never. ever. will. I’ve looked at the new xanga and it’s pretty much exactly like this and I hate it too. I don’t know any of the people on here and most of the people who follow me are from weird commercial-seeming blogs (uh… no offense) and it just doesn’t feel like I can put the same kinds of words here as I could put there. Safe. My colors my background my friends only settings my actual people I knew and talked to and followed and cared about at least slightly. This place feels huge in comparison, yet somehow desolate in comparison. I need to be doing my work. I NEED to be doing my work I have a huge paper due at midnight tomorrow and 3 more articles due by Wednesday morning and yet, here I am. Unable to focus on my work screen for more than a few seconds because it is so terrible and boring and I want to go for another walk in the snow, and sit in the snow, and freeze. I want to go out into my parents’ backyard, far across town, and go up into the fort that no longer exists and hasn’t for years and listen to music and write by the light of the moon reflecting off the snow, in my emo little notebooks that felt so. so. so. just so. 


4 thoughts on “Nosferatu…oh wait… I mean… nostalgia.

  1. […] Nosferatu…oh wait… I mean… nostalgia. ( […]

  2. Somber says:

    I feel the same way. It bothers me that if someone knew my username, then they can just go to my blog and read every post. I don’t want to make my blog entirely private, I just want my trusted friends to be able to read it, and no one else until I can see who they are.

  3. VNlilMAN says:

    “This place feels huge in comparison, yet somehow desolate in comparison” That is a great way to put it. I think its the fact that there’s zero interaction here.
    We all former xangans get the weird commercial vibe. Its so impersonal around here.
    Anyway hope you find some good reads around here. Dont you wonder what happened to all those other xangans? I feel like they stopped blogging? Makes you wonder if they only blogged for the audience, now that they dont have one whats the point?

  4. You might like LiveJournal, it seemed to be much, much more like Xanga than this crazy place.

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