Is now ! Was tonight ! I could tell my parents were all irritated and sorta mad at each other when they got back. Annoyed at having to spend all kinds of time and money getting ready for the thanksgiving they are obligated to host tomorrow. Understandable. But things got better as i took charge of making latkes, with the help of my so awesome SO. And my mom finished her things and came to help. My brother got home and he brought a growler of the late hop amber ale that he brewed. (He is the brew master of a local brewery.) It took like a thousand years to finish making all the latkes, but we eventually did. We ate and everyone was good. Chill. Happy. I got a bass guitar. I told them they didn’t need to get me one but they did and i am pretty psyched about it. I’m excited to learn to play it. Really excited. I know i can do it. It is a really good one and it looks sleek and just generally fucking awesome. A way better one than i could have afforded to buy myself. I want to take a picture of it but not right now cuz it is almost 4 am. I still need an amp but that’s ok. It didn’t come with a strap either and we totally ran out and got one all last minute style. Did i mention I’m psyched? Haven’t been this excited over a hanukkah peasant since i was like 12. Ok I’m gunna go now. I’m freezing and sorta tired. I also got a phone case and a laptop case, both of which i really needed. Ok ! I’m out. Wish me luck surviving thanksgiving tomorrow! I might make an entry about it if my crazy ass extended family does anything interesting and/or terrible.


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