Tired. Working as usual, though all I really want to do is play around with my bass until it starts feeling like a tool in my hands and not an unruly pile of steel and wood that I have no mastery over. My love, he writes such nice, beautiful things about me, like seriously, no ones S.O writes about them like that and I am lovely and ethereal in these writings and I don’t see how I can live up to that type of magic, but I am happy that he thinks of me this way. Truly he is something special. I need to get back to work. It is already so late and I would really be glad if I could have tomorrow to myself with no real obligations. I learned that 101 people work for this company, 99 of them have worked there for months and years, and I and one other person were hired recently. We all got an e-mail from the main boss lady I am slightly scared of saying too many people were making too many mistakes, especially those who had worked for her longer. I looked over the list and none of them were mistakes I make, so I was glad and feeling slightly good about myself that I can excel at this so quickly. I hope they notice, and keep me, and give me plenty of money work.


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  1. Tis simply how I see you. That is my reality.

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