Adventures at U-Pull-and-Pay

You know what I just realized? My blog has featured a lot of pictures of fucked up cars in the recent past. This post is going to be NO EXCEPTION. Today my brother and I went to U-Pull-and-Pay to get a part for my car that may or may not help it start in the cold This is… by the way… probably the most badass way to go about getting a part for your car. It is also extremely cheap, comparatively. So… it’s basically just a giant field of busted up cars.


You have to pay 2 bucks to get in, and then you look up the sort of cars you’re looking for. In this case we were looking for 1998 Volvo S70s. There were three of ’em, plus a ton of other Volvos with parts that could possibly work. SO! once you get your car list you walk out into the epic field of cars that are only sort of-barely-organized the way they’re supposed to be. We found the Volvo section and checked out a few Volvos before we found one that still had it’s fuse box. My brother removed the fuse box to get a big fuse-type-thing that was underneath it… which is what we needed.


Here is a blurry picture of my brother pulling the part from an otherwise very stripped car.


And here is the damn part we needed! It only cost like 50 cents to take it from this place, so we went ahead and pulled another one out of another Volvo just in case one doesn’t work. Then, we decided to look for a replacement interior door panel for my car, because my  drivers side window doesn’t roll down and it’s just all jacked. We weren’t even considering doing that originally… but… when in Rome, do as the Romans do! When in a giant graveyard of dead cars, yoink some parts! We ended up finding one that would work from a 2000 Volvo station wagon that looked like it had suffered from an engine fire and some sort of epic window smashing.


Thanks whoever trashed their Volvo really bad except not the drivers side interior door panel! So, yeah! that was slightly difficult to remove because it involved a good deal of prying and delicate wire-disconnecting, but we got it done with the power of TEAM WORK! and SCREWDRIVERS! and OPPOSABLE THUMBS! This is the second time we’ve been to this place and I’ve never seen another lady style person there, which makes me feel vaguely badass and vaguely … stick out like a sore thumb style. Here’s one last picture of a weird random hill of mysterious debris, just to highlight what a classy place this is.





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