i am his and i wait, sick sweet slick tired stares into nothing. Wait, weight and weigh the words your brain thinks it really really likes to need to likes to really say. too late and too little to care. anything and He likes my hair. just the way i put it and the parts that fall across my eyes. eyes closed, wrists go, to all my new followers this is my hello. take your time to make my rhymes or leave in lines like queues and fines. fine with me if you decide you’d rather sit up front and ride the shotgun seat with two bare feet that barely reach the ground or bare with me to be or be or to be or not to be. but soft, what light through yonder window brakes, it is the east and juliet is the sun. son damn son how did you even think i’d like you to drop shakespear and shake your spear right out of here it’s too thick and heavy and wait, no really, drain the levy steal your chevy tailgate at the gates of hell hello would you like a hotdog or something as you wait for someone to decide your fate and maybe let you slip back through those shiny cracks into the mortal plane. man it’s plane on your face i lick up disgrace and slip my tongue inside your lips tight silver case. each case each instance, brings me to a new sense of knowing i belong as much as fungus or a thong all up and true and wait you’ll get there too. just wait please wait you’ll get there too. this is my hello. please, if you don’t like it just go, and know that i have no hard feelings really, no inner reelings, no long appeal-ings it’s just like macbeth said that one time, out, out, brief candle! life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and the there is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, of sound a fury, signifying nothing. or something like that, i think he said. then his lines and life and wife all crashed down up on top his head. i am tired and late, so late, and drunk so much that i can’t hate. i want to fall into his arms and breathe his charms and never ever wake up to fire alarms. out, out, brief candle, just go out i implore. before you scare the other patients, or drip wax upon the floor.


One thought on “

  1. Somber says:

    I like your ramblings.
    Thank you for your comment last night. It felt good to read that.

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