Putting the “pro” in procrastination

‘sup guys? I should most definitely be working right now. Got 6 articles to finish … somehow. It is late and I am tired and this type of article really drains my patience. Too much unique thought required man I’d rather just fill out info on a list of products. Do those all day instead of trying to explain how to fix your glasses’ frames. I feel like all I have done for the past few days is sit here like this and it is driving me a little bit nuts. Just a little bit yo, just a little bit nuts. I don’t like having this many articles in one week, but I do what I do what I do what I must. I want music and creativity times, not so much with this kind of thing. Okay, I need to get back to work. I think I might make myself coffee or something. MIDNIGHT COFFEEEEE STAY AWAKE MADNESS!!!! I can’t believe xmas is just a few days away. I’m really not ready for all that jazz. 


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