Heeeeey. ‘sup? I have two more articles in my queueueue right now that I didn’t really want but I have weekly quotas and shit so it’s okay, I will do them. I reallyreally wanted my money to come in today so I could buy myself some goddamn jeans because I don’t have any like…. at all… but my money isn’t coming in until tomorrow and i have $50 in the bank right now but i’m going to have to use the majority of that on xmas style things i think. So…. this means i might have to go out early tomorrow on xmas-eve-day for a pants-buying mission (assuming my money even fucking comes in by then x_x) plus groceries and other supplies. So, i will have to wake up early to do all that. ugh. I dunno, i just am feeling overwhelmed suddenly.

**mediocrity update**

I did end up having enough money to go get some jeans. I went to the thrift store, got two pairs for $13 which is pretty fantastic. One pair has these weird swirly brown slightly sequen-y embroidery things down the sides of them, which was sorta weird and I was like… is this too childish looking? but then I was like… fuck it. They fit me and they cost 6 bucks and I don’t really care, so I bought them. THRIFT STORES 4 LIFE !!ii!!ii!!  I got a $50 xmas bonus from my job, which is also fantastic. I’ve never gotten a bonus before in my LIFE. Like… really… I don’t think I have. I know it’s not a huge amount but for me… it is super awesome. The money won’t be available to me for like another week, but that is beside the point. The point is… Hell yeah! Bonus style! I love my current job. It is **the best** form of employment I have ever had in my life and I can only hope it lasts a long time. *knocks on wood* Even though I complain about it a lot and it is really boring and arrruuuggghhh … it is still VASTLY preferable to any other form of income-procuring-employment I have ever had. Ooookay! I need to go now. I have to write at least one guide tonight and finish putting together my mom’s xmas gift and get ready for tomorrow in general. We are going into Rio and spending the night at my parents house, as-per xmas eve tradition. Peace out, dear readers.

do do do dun dun dun do do dun dun dun dun dunnnnn


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