I don’t waaant to work! It’s boxing day! I want to play my bass! I got an amp for xmas and it is amazing. I was borrowing my brother’s piano amp which worked but really isn’t made for a bass… so when I plugged it into an *actual* bass amp it was magnificent and choirs of angels shot out at the speed of sound. I also want to read books! Yeah! books! We got this crazy adventure time book from a friend and it’s pretty weird, but awesome. I also want to take the GIANT SWEING NEEDLE that I borrowed from my parents’ house and use it to sew all the weird loose hairs into my boyfriend’s dreads because it sorta bugs me to see all those loose hairs. 😛 Ummm…. yeah! xmas was yesterday and it was pretty crazy sauce and draining. The morning part with just my family was fun. Really fun. The later part where extended relatives showed up was much much much less fun. It was sooo chaotic and oh man it’s such an insane whirlwind of present opening and no one even knows what’s going on and it is incredibly chaotic like you don’t even know how chaotic it is. Totally nuts. But nothing super dramatic happened, so that was good. We got out of there at around 10, which was before everyone else left.

-two days later-

Today is Saturday, the 28th, and tomorrow I’m going into Rio to do some recording with my brother. Hopefully it will go well. Right now I feel exhausted. Wicked tired! all day long. I think I’m going to make some coffee. I don’t really have much to say. I have some wine to drink a little later, and other stuff and I dunno… yeah. Peace.

xmas style


4 thoughts on “xmas style

  1. Somber says:

    I am glad that you guys had a good time! I think holidays will always be stressful. Things could be going great, but there will still be stress. Just comes with the package I think.
    You should post somewhere you playing the bass. I wish I could hear what you and your brother do.

    • valerianblue says:

      I agree with you, holidays just are stressful in general. There’s really no avoiding it.
      Haha maybe I will after I get better at playing it. I have only had it for like a month and I only know 3 or 4 simple bass lines so far. We are eventually going to release an album and give it way for free, but we have to record everything first and that is very time-consuming. We are going to attempt some recording over the next couple days actually. I would like you to hear it as well. I dunno if you would like it or not. What sort of music do you listen to?

      • Somber says:

        I’ll always have a soft spot for metal in my heart, but lately these days I’ve found that I like a little bit of everything. It’s more on an individual song basis than any particular genre.

      • valerianblue says:

        Haha I still have a soft spot for stupid emo music I liked as a teenager, and lots of other stuff. I think it is good to like a little bit of everything. I definitely do. (except not country really…) The music we make is fairly soft, and largely based on piano (which my brother is amazing at playing) with some guitar and ukulele and synthetic string insturments thrown in. It is hard to explain. You will be able to hear it eventually. 😛

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