You guys,

Our memory foam mattress topper is so soft and amazing it feels like sleeping on the corpses of a thousand angels. Really, it is super awesome and I don’t even know how to fall asleep on something so comfortable cuz I’m used to sleeping on a pile of rusty bayonets.


A domestic

What’s up motherfuckers?? Shout out to all the weird people who recently followed me! I have no idea who any of you are and I find many of your blogs strange and confusing! Today has been a LONG ASS DAY but it has been productive. I was just looking at tumblr and I went completely hysterical and laughed and cried over a picture that wasn’t even **that** funny except apparently it was to me because I totally lost my shit over it:


Exibit A

(Incidentally, feel free to follow me on tumblr ( if you’re into funny pictures of stuff and inter-species animal friendships and insightful quotes and occasional feminist rants) I haven’t gone all hysterical status in a really long time and now I feel awesome like I just had a long overdue cry or something except it also involved laughter so that is preferable I would say!! Still very cathartic. I’m wicked exhausted and whatever, but I feel somewhat accomplished. I need to play my bass I haven’t learned anything new in a long time and it’s really hard and intimidating and that makes me discouraged but I know I could do it if I actually put effort into it and yeah. I should take some selfies at some point when I feel like putting on makeup and not looking exhausted to document my purple hair. We bought a slow cooker yesterday and today there is a delicious smelling slow-cooked meal about to be done and CONSUMED BY MY MIGHTY JAWS. (and washed down with some tequila maaaybe probably definitely) My boyfriend’s and my new phone cases both arrived the other day and they look *awesome* and bright as fuck but I can’t take a cool picture so you can see how dope they both look together because WHAT WOULD I TAKE THE PICTURE WITH??!! Alright, I feel like it’s time for food and alcohol and maybe video games. I’m good at playing video games now by the way. I only learned to play because my boyfriend is a big gamer and I wanted to be able to play with him, even though I had 0 interest in video games and basically never played any my entire life (except pokemon on my gameboy pocket as a little kid!) But now I am good at them and I actually enjoy playing with him and I think it is always worthwhile to invest some time in learning more about your significant other’s interests.

personal shmersonal

I have had a pretty awesome day so far! I woke up, had breakfast, watched some **star wars**, then had some awesome sex, then I went to the gym, then I came home and drank a gross protein shake, and now I am HERE, waiting for my boy to get out of class, and then possibly convincing him to go eat sandwiches with me at which wich (… basically THE BEST sandwich place around…) Or possibly somewhere else, I dunno. Later today we are supposed to pick up the puppy that I am taking to get FIXED tomorrow, AND get her shots, and microchip. It is extremely important, especially the shots at this point in her young life. I’m doing this as a favor to a friend, and honestly I care more about the dog than I do her…. which is probably a bad thing… but I don’t care. I’m invested in the welfare of this dog and it is important to me… even though it is going to SUCK because I have to take her in crazy early in the morning tomorrow. Aaaanyway, for right now I’m really chill, and I should go get ready to do things. OKAY! peace out and stuff. 

In which I ramble on about boring life things

Finished the not very good book I have been reading. Nursing a strong sense of fear and anxiety about the future and my life and my loved ones and everything. I want to let it go and sleep but I’m not good at doing that. I should definitely use my time more productively. My dudeman has been sick all day and that has sucked. Umm yeah. Not much to report really. Have some work to do tomorrow, taking a dog to get spayed Tuesday. Our mattress topper still smells like gross chemical smells, so we haven’t slept on it yet, even though our mattress feels like a bag of dicks. I’m hoping to have that sorted soon. I feel weird and lonely and my phone keeps me company and I don’t feel guilty because I gave my parents enough money to cover my extra phone cost for five months. Still waiting on both our bright ass phone cases in the mail. (His lime green mine hot pink) I’m hoping they come soon because it is scary to have a naked phone that feels so vulnerable and breakable and weak. I appreciate not being 1,000% broke very very much. Our rent is paid up through May, thanks to my lovely Mr. We have money to do things if we want. I dyed my hair a weird dark purple-ish color and it’s pretty cool. I might take a selfie if I feel up to it, but even if I do I may not post it here since I’m trying to stay pretty incognito. I do hope I get new articles to write soon, this long hiatus is sort of freaking me out. Okay guys, I’m gonna watch some futurama and try to fall asleep if I can. So long, farewell, until next time.

Aaaw! He looks like an Insane drunken angel!

He buys me little gifts just just just just because, and flowers and love and I’m glad i am his and no other’s.  Sleep and snore right next to me and i adore the calm fall and rise of your chest. I want you to only ever see me at my very best. I forgot how to write love poems, simply ramble on about the homes i imagine we could build and all the soil your hands would till, be still my heart be still.

TMI probably.

It HAPPENED. Dun dun dunnnnn. (and by IT I mean gross things that happen on the regular when you are a lady and/or a human person who has female reproductive organs) It’s really not cool and it makes me want to cry and die. Pluuusss I don’t have any alcohol, Alcohol is THE ONLY THING I have ever found that actually helps me with the TeRrIblE cRaMpS oF dEaTh I suffer during the first 24 hours or so of this. At least, the only thing besides codeine based pain killers… which I do not have access to. However, no booze for me, because I didn’t get my money in until 1am and alcohol places stop selling alcohol things at midnight. This is the first time in … I dunno… probably a year I haven’t been able to medicate myself this way on this terrible day. Soooo… I’m thinking the next few hours of my life are going to be less than stellar. It really doesn’t help that I’m ridiculously horny and I wanna get tied up and fucked about a thousand times. Why??! Why right now??!??!??!??!??! ETERNAL QUESTIONS that burn in the hearts and eyes of the afflicted, that fall like wilting petals from the swollen lips of the cursed. Woah, that was sort of weird. I think I’m going to go take a bath and read my book in the bath and take my waterproof phone up there and look at tumblr in the tub. Also ima take a HELLA BIG DOSE of pain reliever PM. Knock me ouuuuut son!

Aaah! another pop close to the skull.

Emotionally drained. Not exactly hungry, but craving a fruit smoothie in the worst ways, one with some protein powder preferably. I should have $200 in the bank in 24 hours or so. Until then its rice and beans and beans and rice. I shouldn’t complain. At. All. I need a shower and a shave and I really wouldn’t mind if I could magically stave off my period for a few more days. Today, in ways, has seemed a mighty long day. ~ random break to practice bass ~ Still haven’t gotten any new articles. Haven’t heard anything for a few days… but my boss added me on google + … … so there’s that. I hope to get some soon, because it is wicked lame to not have any incoming income, you know what I mean brah?