dog dramz and procrastination and uuugh whatever life things yeah.

Having this foster puppy is stressing me out. I dunno why. I think it’s because she is so timid and afraid of everyone and everything, and I feel like I will be seriously burdening my parents if I try to give her to them, and she really isn’t the kind of dog they want, or that would really fit their lifestyle. I dunno. I’m feeling bad and guilty over it all over the place, because I don’t want her to have a shitty life if I give her back to her original owners, and I think I might be able to help them figure out how to properly care for her but I dunno if they are really capable of that or not… and I care too much about what everyone thinks and I don’t want them to think I just gave up or didn’t even try or…. I dunno. Ugh. She has an appointment to get fixed and shots and everything on the 28th. It is kind of hard to keep her here and also sorta frustrating. This place is too small and she is soooooo needy. My dad is all sick and likely will be for at least another week so I feel like a dick bringing her over there right now, even for a visit. He is somewhat allergic to dogs and I don’t want to do anything to make his -respiratory system related illnesses any worse. I feel selfish and weird and stressed about the whole situation, which sucks, and I know I make myself feel these things and impose them on myself more than is probably necessary, but I can’t logic myself out of doing so. I need to be working. I have a lot of work to do and no money and arrrrgggh I just feel really stressed out and anxious and yeah. I dunno. Whatever. I will figure it out eventually, probably. 


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