Days off

I don’t have any new guides to write because the higher-ups are waiting for the next couple batches to come in… so… that’s kinda cool in a way because I really haven’t had any time off in a long while, but it’s not cool because if I’m not writing I’m not getting paid and I sorta kinda need to get paid. We ended up giving that puppy back to her original owners because they asked for her back and I didn’t really know what else to do and it was hard to deal with her in this tiny apartment anyway. BUT… before I gave her back I wrote a fucking FOUR PAGE LETTER with dog advice and ideas about how to make their dog’s life better and make it easier on them as well. So far as I’ve hard they have been implementing at least some of my ideas and it seems to be going well. I’m really not going to go into detail about how irritating and shitty the whole deal was and sort of still is. I’m not stressing about it. I’m trying to enjoy a little chill time as much as possible. Got a couple shows I want to watch tonight, I have two books I’m currently reading, and I really really want to teach myself some new bass lines.I’m getting bored of playing the same 3 over and over again. :-P. Soooo yeah! cool style. My boyfriend is obsessively cleaning the house right now, with sweeping and stuff. I feel slightly lazy for just watching him and not helping, but at the same time…. pffffffffff. He pretty much takes care of all the cleaning which I find fantastic. Quite awesome, really. I appreciate it and honestly it would be a lot messier in here for a lot longer if that was my responsibility. My little brother is going out for drinks with a girl from his work tonight, and I’m happy for him because he hasn’t had too many romantic style interactions of late. For his sake I hope it goes well. He is also in the process of editing our 4th fully recorded song (though only our 3rd to be edited) and I’m really excited to hear it. I sort of do *lead vocals* in this one, and I’m not 1,000% confident about the vocal tracks I laid down, but my bro knows what he’s doing, so I’m just going to trust his expertise. He said it is sounding good, so I am excited to hear it. Aaaw yeah! We have wine and other good things and I think I’m going to go now so bye. 


2 thoughts on “Days off

  1. You are working, it is only fair I do what I can. I am glad you appreciate it though. I am also seriously impressed with how you handled the puppy and the advice you gave (though I haven’t fully read it yet). You are awesome and it has been lovely just hanging out with you and chilling. ❤

    • valerianblue says:

      Thanks babes! ❤ Dogs are my thing, what can I say. I just… get them. Also I felt responsible for the whole situation and didn't want you to have to clean up after her.

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