Hope my phone doesn’t fall on my face

Typing in bed, phone above my head. Random anime playing in the background. I have had a whole week off and done virtually nothing with it. Shame. I should practice and play. Read and write and be a useful thing. I feel like i should have started my unfortunate lady time a couple days ago, or something. It is making me basically paralyzingly horny. But i am not good at broaching the subject against his energetic pikes and spikes. I want to throw myself against them but I am a coward in some ways. More ways than i would like. Ready to change the subject. Our latest song is sounding quite good. Quite awesome. I’m getting used to the sound of my recorded voice and cringing at it less. Speaking of which my brother just texted me to come and listen to the latest version, but it is 2 am and i am in bed so i dunno if i want to go do that right now. Ha i went and listened to it and it is lovely. Makes me feel good.
So um yeah. I’m getting pretty tired now, and my phone is down to 17%. I should plug it in and turn my brain off. Maybe read a few pages of the fairly poorly written fantasy fiction book I’m currently reading.


One thought on “Hope my phone doesn’t fall on my face

  1. I assure you, the spikes will melt away at your touch. At first I may seem tense, because so few times you reach out to me in this way; but I promise I love it and that the awkward will end soon. Thrust yourself against me, and see what happens if you dare.

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