TMI probably.

It HAPPENED. Dun dun dunnnnn. (and by IT I mean gross things that happen on the regular when you are a lady and/or a human person who has female reproductive organs) It’s really not cool and it makes me want to cry and die. Pluuusss I don’t have any alcohol, Alcohol is THE ONLY THING I have ever found that actually helps me with the TeRrIblE cRaMpS oF dEaTh I suffer during the first 24 hours or so of this. At least, the only thing besides codeine based pain killers… which I do not have access to. However, no booze for me, because I didn’t get my money in until 1am and alcohol places stop selling alcohol things at midnight. This is the first time in … I dunno… probably a year I haven’t been able to medicate myself this way on this terrible day. Soooo… I’m thinking the next few hours of my life are going to be less than stellar. It really doesn’t help that I’m ridiculously horny and I wanna get tied up and fucked about a thousand times. Why??! Why right now??!??!??!??!??! ETERNAL QUESTIONS that burn in the hearts and eyes of the afflicted, that fall like wilting petals from the swollen lips of the cursed. Woah, that was sort of weird. I think I’m going to go take a bath and read my book in the bath and take my waterproof phone up there and look at tumblr in the tub. Also ima take a HELLA BIG DOSE of pain reliever PM. Knock me ouuuuut son!


3 thoughts on “TMI probably.

  1. Alas, I miss thine poetry sweet mistress. For thine words hypnotize me to the core.

  2. Somber says:

    I know you’re in pain, but I kind of cracked up at this post. The first 24 hours are the worst for me too. I’m digging that line of poetry you threw in there though!

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