In which I ramble on about boring life things

Finished the not very good book I have been reading. Nursing a strong sense of fear and anxiety about the future and my life and my loved ones and everything. I want to let it go and sleep but I’m not good at doing that. I should definitely use my time more productively. My dudeman has been sick all day and that has sucked. Umm yeah. Not much to report really. Have some work to do tomorrow, taking a dog to get spayed Tuesday. Our mattress topper still smells like gross chemical smells, so we haven’t slept on it yet, even though our mattress feels like a bag of dicks. I’m hoping to have that sorted soon. I feel weird and lonely and my phone keeps me company and I don’t feel guilty because I gave my parents enough money to cover my extra phone cost for five months. Still waiting on both our bright ass phone cases in the mail. (His lime green mine hot pink) I’m hoping they come soon because it is scary to have a naked phone that feels so vulnerable and breakable and weak. I appreciate not being 1,000% broke very very much. Our rent is paid up through May, thanks to my lovely Mr. We have money to do things if we want. I dyed my hair a weird dark purple-ish color and it’s pretty cool. I might take a selfie if I feel up to it, but even if I do I may not post it here since I’m trying to stay pretty incognito. I do hope I get new articles to write soon, this long hiatus is sort of freaking me out. Okay guys, I’m gonna watch some futurama and try to fall asleep if I can. So long, farewell, until next time.


One thought on “In which I ramble on about boring life things

  1. Somber says:

    What book were you reading?
    Man, it must be really stressful to not have any assignments to write. I would probably be freaking out to not know. But at least your rent is paid up for a few months. That is one less thing to worry about. I’ve considered trying to pay my rent in advance, but I feel like, as nice as it would feel, I would probably end up forgetting when I needed to pay it the next time.
    I hope that your day will be a relaxing one, and you can get some sleep tucked in.

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