personal shmersonal

I have had a pretty awesome day so far! I woke up, had breakfast, watched some **star wars**, then had some awesome sex, then I went to the gym, then I came home and drank a gross protein shake, and now I am HERE, waiting for my boy to get out of class, and then possibly convincing him to go eat sandwiches with me at which wich (… basically THE BEST sandwich place around…) Or possibly somewhere else, I dunno. Later today we are supposed to pick up the puppy that I am taking to get FIXED tomorrow, AND get her shots, and microchip. It is extremely important, especially the shots at this point in her young life. I’m doing this as a favor to a friend, and honestly I care more about the dog than I do her…. which is probably a bad thing… but I don’t care. I’m invested in the welfare of this dog and it is important to me… even though it is going to SUCK because I have to take her in crazy early in the morning tomorrow. Aaaanyway, for right now I’m really chill, and I should go get ready to do things. OKAY! peace out and stuff. 


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