A domestic

What’s up motherfuckers?? Shout out to all the weird people who recently followed me! I have no idea who any of you are and I find many of your blogs strange and confusing! Today has been a LONG ASS DAY but it has been productive. I was just looking at tumblr and I went completely hysterical and laughed and cried over a picture that wasn’t even **that** funny except apparently it was to me because I totally lost my shit over it:


Exibit A

(Incidentally, feel free to follow me on tumblr (valerian-blue.tumblr.com) if you’re into funny pictures of stuff and inter-species animal friendships and insightful quotes and occasional feminist rants) I haven’t gone all hysterical status in a really long time and now I feel awesome like I just had a long overdue cry or something except it also involved laughter so that is preferable I would say!! Still very cathartic. I’m wicked exhausted and whatever, but I feel somewhat accomplished. I need to play my bass I haven’t learned anything new in a long time and it’s really hard and intimidating and that makes me discouraged but I know I could do it if I actually put effort into it and yeah. I should take some selfies at some point when I feel like putting on makeup and not looking exhausted to document my purple hair. We bought a slow cooker yesterday and today there is a delicious smelling slow-cooked meal about to be done and CONSUMED BY MY MIGHTY JAWS. (and washed down with some tequila maaaybe probably definitely) My boyfriend’s and my new phone cases both arrived the other day and they look *awesome* and bright as fuck but I can’t take a cool picture so you can see how dope they both look together because WHAT WOULD I TAKE THE PICTURE WITH??!! Alright, I feel like it’s time for food and alcohol and maybe video games. I’m good at playing video games now by the way. I only learned to play because my boyfriend is a big gamer and I wanted to be able to play with him, even though I had 0 interest in video games and basically never played any my entire life (except pokemon on my gameboy pocket as a little kid!) But now I am good at them and I actually enjoy playing with him and I think it is always worthwhile to invest some time in learning more about your significant other’s interests.


One thought on “A domestic

  1. I really do appreciate you making the effort to play and the fact that you enjoy playing video games with me. I think if you are in a relationship with someone and have no interest in learning more about the things that interest them, then there is something wrong there. I still need to get back to reading, finishing Dark Tower and Sandman, not to mention all the other things I need to read. I enjoy when you share with me the things that you enjoy, even if at first I am confused by them.

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