I spent Friday and Saturday night at my parents’ house with my little brother, working on recording a couple songs for our album. Our parents were out of town, and they needed us to watch the dogs, so it worked out.




My boyfriend decided to stay home instead of joining us, which was actually kind of nice. It was the first time we spent a couple nights apart in over two years, and you know what they say about absence and hearts. Recording is difficult and time consuming and painful. We were hoping to get two songs done, but we just didn’t get there. We laid down the instrumentation for both songs, but that took SO LONG that we didn’t have time to work on vocals. I spent the majority of the weekend working the soundboard


while my brother played the same songs on ukulele over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, until we got it 1,000% absolutely perfect, with perfect timing and no random sounds and no string buzzes and every single note clean and clear and sweet. At about 3 in the morning on the second day we got it done. We’ll have to make another trip to lay down vocals. It was a chaotic, messy, tedious process. Instead of talking about it in detail, I’m going to post a number of pictures that pretty much tell the story.











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