Do you want to build a snowman?

Hoping for a snow day tomorrow so all my loved ones who go to the university can have a day off. Some school districts are closed and pretty much all the others are on 2 hr delay but the uni hasn’t said shit so idk. It is very snowy outside and the streets are quite icy. They should close. It’s beautiful outside, bright as day with the moonlight reflecting off the blanket of white and I definitely didn’t draw a huge dick on the windshield of my annoying neighbor’s car. …. definitely not. I’m warm in here and this bed is soooo comfortable but I’m still not quite tired enough to actually sleep. Hopefully I will be soon. Watching futurama all the time every night because it is comforting to me. I kinda want to set up a little fish tank and get a few gold fish and a snail to keep stuff clean… but I dunno if I really should. it could be fun but I don’t want it to turn into a big hassle and historically I am not great at keeping fish alive So, we will see. I’m gonna try and sleep now, or possibly do some research about the ideal water temp for goldfish…


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