Downbeat update

Remember a couple days ago when I was talking about how much I love my yurbud headphones and how great they are for working out? Well today one of our fucking ferrets destroyed them. Awesome. I have very few objects in the whole goddamn world that are important to me and my headphones are one of them. They cost like 30 bucks plus 5 bucks shipping and that is a shit ton of money for me and I can’t decide if the guilt I would feel over spending that much money on myself is worth having a pair of earbuds that I really dig and love having when I work out. It’s a tough call and I’m just really mad about it. Like wicked mad so goddamn fucking mad.

Also one of my goldfish died.Remember the other day when I was talking about them and how good they were doing? Well one died today. The others seem to be doing okay. I did a partial water change. I expected some would die since they were feeder fish.

Things are happening tomorrow, I dunno what exactly but things.


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