Muscles and tussles

I’m wicked tired. My body is sore because I’ve been to the gym 4 days in a row. All of my body parts are all… daym gurl! but it feels really good at the same time. I’m probably going to go tomorrow as well, I’m planning on it. It makes me feel sane-er and just better about life in general when I go.We are going to attempt to do some recording this weekend and I don’t really feel like it ugh it’s so hard and doing vocals makes me so self conscious and I should practice. But I want it to be done, so I will do it and do my best and sing the stuff. I don’t really want to spend two nights over there again, but I will if I have to because I really do want to get it done. We’re going for two songs. So my boiiiiiiiiiii and I went to a thrift store today and donated a basically brand new pair of shoes and got a 20% off coupon and I got three books for less than 6 bucks, including Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I read it fairly recently but I really dug it and I sorta felt like I needed to rescue it from that place… which is really silly but whatever. It is definitely worth a re-read at some point. I also got two books I have never read before, so that’s always fun. I basically never buy books anywhere besides used bookstores and such, because they are crazy expensive and I am poor and the library exists. BUT! 3 for $6 is a pretty sweet deal. My boyfriend started reading the book I got him for Valentines’ day which is pretty awesome. Reading is cool! High five! He got some weird random stuff at the thrift store as well, including some random things to paint and a random statue of a (greek?) deity. Then he cleaned the whole goddamn house SUPER CLEAN because he is awesome and does most of the house work because he likes things CLEAN SON and he isn’t a misogynistic douch. PEACE OUT! I’m gunna go watch a movie. 


2 thoughts on “Muscles and tussles

  1. Somber says:

    American Gods is a great book, and is something I’ve spent the time to re-read. And I would even read it again, once I get my to read list a little shorter. I think books are expensive too, but I am addicted to buying them used on amazon. I don’t have a book store where I live, and I’ve read the library out.

    I thought you sounded great on the songs that you showed me. Don’t be self conscious! It sounds good!

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