I brought you my bullets, you brought me your crushing sense of self-doubt

– Ugh. I should be doing work, but ugh. My stupid brain keeps telling me I want to drink, but I fucking shouldn’t… and I keep reminding myself that I drank a LOT yesterday and it didn’t even make me feel that awesome. It made me feel un-stressed for a few hours but I wasn’t very amused or happier or … anything really. Just consuming a shit ton of calories I don’t need. It wasn’t worth the cost my body paid. I saw this thing on Tumblr, and it was like a bunch of random thoughts people had had in the shower or something like that? Anyway, one of them was: “When you drink you are borrowing happiness from tomorrow.” and I thought it was pretty true and pretty insightful and I liked it.

– I had a dream earlier where I couldn’t wake up, and then I kept waking myself up in my dream but I didn’t actually ever wake up and it just left me feeling drained and weird. I went to the gym even though I felt a little sick and period-tastic. But if I keep drinking this much and consuming this much in general it’s never ever going to make a difference, even though I work out more than basically anyone I know… I still look like I work out less than basically anyone I know. Don’t get me wrong.. there are other benefits to working out, but I have specific benefits in mind that I’m really looking for.

– 3 out of 7 of my goldfish are still alive. Feeder fish are not exactly raised to live long lives, so I expected some casualties… but these 3 seem to be doing well. *knocks on wood*

– RIP Appa, RIP Black Star, RIP Kaoru, RIP Olympic Gold

– I found out I can buy the replacement part I need to fix my earbuds that I LOVE and my ferret fucking CHEWED TO DEATH for $10 which is cool because I can afford that and I can spend that much on myself with minimal guilt.

– I highly recommend ebooks from chegg.com because you can search within the chapter for specific terms and shit, it makes doing homework a *lot* easier. Almost 3 years an alumni and I’m still doing homework. Cool story bro.

– Okay, I need to get this stuff done. I’m out.


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