Nooooo ooooonnne walks around with an undeserved sense of entitlement like Gaston

Heeeeyyyy. So today is a hiding from the world type of day. I was supposed to go into Rio today to record but I just really fucking didn’t feel like doing it. My S.O is going through some shit and I didn’t feel like leaving him alone. Also last night my brother was talking to me about some stuff about recording and our music in general, I don’t really feel like going into it but it was just sorta like… uuugh. I dunno. It left me feeling less than psyched to go work on our stuff. My relationship with him was a lot simpler when we were kids and he just idolized me as the amazing, cool older sibling, and I was automatically in charge of all of our endeavors. Now that we are both in our 20s and *equals* it’s more complicated, and sometimes more taxing. Anyway, all that shit combined and I just really didn’t feel like going in or dealing with it or doing anything at all whatsoever and I just wanted to hide under some blankets for a thousand years. But that’s not really an option,  sooo I’m going in tomorrow, and we are going to try and work on some stuff but I honestly don’t know what exactly. We’ll see how it goes. The highlight of my sad little day was when I went to quarters for some booooooooze and they were selling giant cases of pumpkin ale for $4.99. Each case had four 6 packs inside. I got four 6 packs for $4.99. That’s 24 beers. That’s like $0.20791667 per beer. I should have bought like 6 cases. Except probably not really.


Alrighty! I’m gunna go see if I can cook dinner in 18 minutes so I can watch Hannibal when it comes on at 9. Peace!


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