Adventures in recording

So today was kind of interesting I guess. I’ve been in Rio since like five hanging out with my parents and brother. We cooked dinner together and it was good. We took the dogs for a little walk and then at like 10 they sequestered themselves in their bedroom so Mike and I could try and record some vocals. We started by going around the house and silencing everything that makes noise, and then we set up all the equipment, and we did a couple experiments with different microphone positions and stuff, and then it started fucking raining. The mic is extremely sensitive and it picked up the fucking sound of rain falling so we couldn’t do vocals and L-O-FUCKING-L it hasn’t rained in like two months and we really need it but it HAD to be tonight? Really? Sooooo we raged about that for a while and then we decided to use our time productively anyway and record the guitar part of a different song. It’s an electric/acoustic guitar so we could record directly and not have to worry about outside noises. The only issue with that is when the guitar is plugged in it makes a shitty feedback buzzing nose, and the only way to stop the noise and keep it off the recording is for another person to touch one hand to the little metal part where the cord plugs into the guitar, and touch the person who is playing with the other hand, making some sort of crazy human circuit. Sooo I spent like two plus hours as a human circuit, and it was hilarious and ridiculous and we made some cool good artistic progress, but we didn’t get a clean track. All in all it was less than stellar. Now it’s 5 am and I’m pretty tired but idk if I will actually be able to sleep in this hard terrible bed. We will see! I bid you adieu


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