You’re the loud sound of fun when I’m trying to sleep.

Our neighbors stand outside and smoke cigarettes all the fucking time, on our shared porch area. It comes into the windows and invades the apartment with a sick, stale, cheap motel smell that I could certainly do without. I want a house, and a yard, and privacy. I want my own safe outdoor space. I want to be able to go outside whenever I want without wondering who I’m going to have to talk to, who I’m going to have to deal with. No shared walls and other people’s parties. Quiet, peaceful sleep is what I’m talking about. I want to make it happen but I don’t even fucking have a stable job like… **at all** and that complicates things to say the least. I don’t WANT a normal style stable job where I go to a place and do the thing all day every goddamn day.  Sooo we’ll see. I AM determined to make it happen sooner rather than later. Paying to live in a place that isn’t yours is pretty lame. I’d rather pay money toward owning a place that was mine. … Plus I could have a dog. AaaAaaaaAAaaanyway, I just flossed my teeth, I’m rocking some oral hygiene. My little brother’s birthday is in 5 days. I think we are going to try and record again this Saturday… but I’m not 1,000% sure. Also I don’t really want to, but I will. I wanted to try and write a bass line for one song but I haven’t even tried yet and I dunno if I could even, but maybe I can. It’s a pretty simple part and maybe it won’t be too hard. -shrugs- -infinite shrugs- We need to find something cool to WATCH! because we don’t have any things. Any netflix movie or show recommendations are appreciated! I like horror and comedy and basically anything except slow, boring dramas and gross girly mushy unrealistic relationship bullshit. 


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