Live from my couch, it’s Saturday night!

So I was planning on going into Rio to record again tonight, but my brother is all types of busy I guess, so apparently we aren’t doing that. I’m slightly disappointed, because I wanted to get some stuff done and also I’ve sorta gotten used to the routine of spending at least one night out of every week over there. It’s kinda nice and refreshing and it makes my parents super happy, which I also like doing. Buuuut! that’s okay. Life happens and things and whatever. Still, I feel sorta bored and aimless chilling over here. Also terribly sober. SO SOBER! Buuuuut that’s okay. I should do some work type stuff… yeeeeah, I totally should. Also I got a new add blocker application for google chrome called addblocker plus and it was free and it’s fantastic and I don’t know how I ever dealt with the internet without it. It even blocks a decent amount of ads on youtube videos and stuff. As my brother put it, “It’s like surfing the internet as KING OF THE INTERNET!” As of now it has blocked 61 goddamn adds that I would have seen since I got online a couple hours ago. That’s NUTS! Speaking of nuts, I just opened a resealable pack of sunflower seeds the wrong way like a dumbass. Are sunflower seeds nuts? Google says no, but they are legumes. Seriously, why do 80 people follow this blog? I’ve been sitting here talking about sunflower related problems and quandaries for like a whole paragraph. That is, it would be a paragraph if I EVER BOTHERED TO INDENT ANYTHING ON MY SHITTY, POORLY STRUCTURED BLOG. So… hoard of mysterious silent followers with whom I do not seem to share many interests at all, but for some reason you are still following me, I salute you.   


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