Complaints about adulthood and yeah, that’s basically it.

I’m really hungry and it’s 7pm and I’ve eaten basically nothing today but I feel all fucking anxious and gross because I have to call my parents and ask them for money because I have to pay my credit card bill tomorrow and it’s extra expensive because I am a fucking moron and a failure as a human adult and I paid my bill 2 hours late last month because I FORGOT ABOUT IT AND DIDN’T REMEMBER UNTIL 2 HOURS AFTER IT WAS DUE even though I totally had the money to pay it and everything, and now it has a wicked huge late-fee tacked onto it and I’m so mad at myself for making such a stupid tiny bullshit mistake that I could have so easily avoided and saved myself a lot of trouble and money and MENTAL ANGUISH and being a grown up sucks chupacabra dicks and I hate it a lot and also I don’t have health insurance because they are being stupid fucking bastards and they denied me even though I’m SUPER POOR and I have to call them and deal with it and probably go into somewhere and do it in person and I just don’t feel like dealing with ANY OF IT EVER and I can still go to the Indian hospital for free because of my Native American status and that’s cool and stuff and good to have as a back up but they don’t offer a lot of services and I still need normal coverage and I just SOOO don’t want to deal with it and I didn’t file taxes because I DIDN’T MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO HAVE TO FILE TAXES but they are demanding to see a tax return and I don’t know how anything works because I suck as an adult and being an adult sucks and I hate it forever okay bye.


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