Did I seriously use the word docket?

I’m so tired you guys, and sore, and languid, and I can’t even make my eyes focus quite right. Everything is soft and blurry and I’m totally kinky as hell and also sorta proud of myself for my overall performance last night. Things happened and it was awesome and fun. I appreciate having detailed directions 1,000%. It makes a huge difference for me. I want to write about it all in great detail but I also sort of don’t at all. It’s too much and I just can’t.

*air guitar* *air groovy, mellow bass solo*

So…What’s on the docket for today? I dunno. I would like the answer for that to be nothing, except possibly more sex later maybe?  I have some things I need to accomplish this week, but c’mon! I still have Thursday and Friday and that’s like… two whole days for getting things done and doing the stuff. I feel really drained of energy, but in the best possible way. It’s so hard to explain, it’s like all the bad energy is what drained away and I’m left scoured and shiny and tired and peaceful. We are running out to the post office and probably the store as well, but that’s the extent of my plans for today. 


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