100+ followers!!

I now have over 100 followers on here, which is nuts for butts because I just complain about stuff and occasionally talk about sex or make a funny.
Like seriously, who are you people? Why are you following me? I don’t even have a profile pic. Are you actually reading this jazz? Well, to celebrate this milestone, here are some random pictures I have on my phone.





(Back of a technical writing textbook, Lololol)


2 thoughts on “100+ followers!!

  1. mrandisg says:

    Who am I and why do I follow you? Um…I’m a writer who likes reading unique blogs, and yours is definitely unique. Btw, love the pic from the back of your technical writing book. They sure know how to encourage writers, don’t they? lol

    • valerianblue says:

      Hey! Thanks for the comment! I’m following you back. Glad you think my blog is interesting, i mostly just find it therapeutic to randomly write crap to an audience of strangers.

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