I have so so so so so much work to do today, and yet here I am! chillin’ on the interwebs and such. The next ‘couple days are going to be very difficult as well. Buuut I’m going to make $375 for 3 days worth of work, which is none too fucking shabby. If this job was more reliable, and I knew FOR SURE that I could write as many guides as I wanted every week forever, it would be the best fucking job in the world. As is, even with how unreliable it is, it’s still pretty fucking good. I’m getting PAID TO WRITE SHIT. Not difficult. Whenever the hell I want to write. Weird ass random boring topics, but easy. Anyway, I need to take a shower and then get back to work, but I totally don’t want to because it is boring. I’m also sort of dying to do a scene, with kinky stuff, because it’s been a while and I want it and I don’t want to lose our momentum because it’s important to me. I taste his fingers still and I am maybe a little bit insane. >>>>>___<<<<<<< 


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