Life is hilariously cruel

But seriously, I can’t even fucking believe how much everything sucks and I’m so goddamn mad at myself and I FINALLY got my fucking package and then I immediately LOST IT FOREVER because I put it in a stupid fucking spot and it fell out of my car apparently. I don’t even fucking know how that happened but it’s fucking gone. I didn’t even get to open it. It was in my possession for about 7 minutes. I … I can’t even… I feel like the biggest failure in the history of fucking fails. I was so happy and psyched for that 7 minutes. Now I just feel emotionally ravaged. I already felt weird and overly emotional after last night, and the shitty fucking horrible last few days I’ve had constantly working and stressing out and feeling it kill my soul. I don’t even know 100% what happened last night ¬†because I was drunk and I don’t know what caused what and it just sucked. I don’t know how to process anything right now. Maybe someone cool found it and they’ll throw it in a mailbox or something…. but I’m certainly not going to fucking count on it. Try again.


One thought on “Life is hilariously cruel

  1. thenarcissistwrites says:

    Oh man that’s horrible.

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