Fundamental problem

I really don’t like my new editor as much as my old one. For one, she has way higher standards and keeps making me re-write shit that I KNOW my last editor totally wouldn’t have had a problem with at all. For two, I’m writing an article about what to wear with a goodamn turtleneck (except it’s for the UK and they call them polo necks for some unfathomable reason) and she wants me to add a section about “who should wear turtle necks” and talk about what sort of “body types” they work with and don’t work with. I have a fundamental problem with that. I think it’s fucking gross and bigoted and I strongly believe that everyone should wear whatever the fuck they are comfortable in, whatever the fuck makes them feel good no matter what motherfucking “body type” they have. So…. I’m straight up not going to write that. My list of people who shouldn’t wear turtle necks is going to include -people who don’t like having tight shit around their necks, – People who get hot easily because turtlenecks are hella warm. That’s it. That’s the end of the list. If she gives me shit about it I will tell her what’s up. I wish I had a better way of making money that didn’t involve me writing soul-crushingly boring and stupid articles about stuff I don’t care about / actively dislike. Buuut I don’t. Aaaand I don’t want a “real” job anyway.. so I guess I’m stuck for now. At least the pay is semi-decent. I’m going back to work now.

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