Social Norms

So my article boss (…technically she’s not my boss, she’s a client of my freelance writing service but I call her my boss because she assigns articles to me and I find her scary and intimidating… but that’s beside the point.) … um… she ends all her emails by saying “Best,” and then signing her name. This was a sign off I had never really seen before. Well, since I started e-mailing her I started using that same sign off on basically all of my emails with her and my editor and everyone else in this company I communicate with… because I’m awkward and don’t know what I should say ever. Well,  all of the editors I talk to use it as well, all the time. Since I have never seen it anywhere else before, I’m wondering if they all started using it because of the article boss, and if it’s just a weird social norm that we have developed within our little professional online community of people who write and edit articles. Or maybe it’s popular elsewhere… I dunno. Anyway, it’s not socially normal to be awake at 2:30 in the morning and still have hours of work to do before you can sleep… but it has become a tuesday, wednesday, thursday night norm for me. I shouldn’t complain, I have work and money and I hope I keep having that… even if It is hard. I’m getting back to work now, so peace! 


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