STILL crastinating on a professional level.

I seriously need to have like… a thing to block me from using the internet for things besides working when I’m supposed to be working… cuz I just wasted about 20 minutes catching up on the ~moderately kinky~ webcomic that I enjoy. (Can be found here: if you are curious.) Aaaand also Tumblr… which I use for PROcrastination all the damn time… and now I’m doing this! I know there are apps and stuff to freeze you out for a set amount of time, but I don’t waaaant toooooo! -insert childish whiny voice- Working is really booorinnnng! Also I have my phone, which is always good for some distraction and time wasting. Seriously, the only time I really have self-control is when I have a LOOMING deadline (and I do mean looming. Like… everything is due in 3 hours or you’re fired looming). Otherwise, I find it really hard to concentrate and I just zone out and the next thing you know… I just spent an hour looking at … stuuufff … and … thiiiiiings . @__@ It’s hard to make yourself do something you hate doing when you can so easily do something else! Sheeesh. Sooo yeah! Aaanyway, I’m going to TrY to go back to working now and maybe get some stuff done so I don’t feel like my soul is DyInG so much Wednesday through Friday at 7pm. >>>>>__<<<<<< Peace, love, self-control (hopefully)


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