Writing Playlist 2

I made an entry like this a couple weeks ago and it was moderately popular, so I decided to do it again. These are all the songs that kept popping up / that I particularly enjoyed over the last few days while I’ve been writing a tonnnn of articles and trying not to cry and listening to pandora radio on my headphones to help myself concentrate. It’s a pretty random selection of songs, different genres and styles and tempos. In no particular order, here they are. Have a good weekend.


30h!3 Set You Free

Jimmy eat world – pain

Flogging Molly- Light of a Fading Star

Matson Jones – New York City Fuck off


The blow – true affection

Johnny Flynn – Cold Bread

Fleet Foxes – Winter White Hymnal

Emily Wells – Symphany 6: Fare thee Well and the Requiem Mix


2 thoughts on “Writing Playlist 2

  1. mrandisg says:

    Good songs. I listen to music when I write too, but I have a different approach. I use Windows Media Player. (I know, I’m an old fart. lol) Sometimes I will just hit “Play All in Favorites” and let it throw a wild random mix at me–and I mean wild, cuz I listen to everything from Ozzy to Alvin and the Chipmunks! More often, though, if I’m writing a scene that involves my characters singing and playing music or writing songs, I will choose a song to act as a model for the fictional song they are doing and play it over and over until I finish the scene. I save those songs in a playlist, and if I get enough of them, I will eventually burn a CD and give it the title of my story. Novel soundtracks! The next big thing! lol

    • valerianblue says:

      Novel soundtracks actually sound really cool to me! If it was a book and author I liked I would definitely be interested in hearing what they were listening to while they wrote those scenes. I used to always just use my MP3 player and put it on shuffle to just get a random mix, but lately I have been using internet radio because I am sort of tired of all my music and I want to find new artists that I like. That DOES sound like a pretty random collection of music! but I think its cool when people have eclectic tastes. When I worked at this music/movie store as a college freshman they played the Alvin and the chipmunks Christmas album from like October through December… so I’m sort of traumatized for life when it comes to chipmunk music. (I DO have the theme song from “Duck Tales” somewhere in my music library tho. )

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