TMI menstruation post. (Just don’t read it if you don’t want to hear about that junk.)

Soooo it appears that the birth control related whatever whatever hormones that were fucking up my system and my cycle for the past three-ish months are finally gone. …. Which I’m glad about… but on the downside it is causing me to have my period like TWO FUCKING WEEKS EARLY. … Which is significantly less awesome. Also for those three months it was very light, and I sorta forgot how NOT LIGHT it usually is and it’s like… WOOOAH and it’s super gross. Also I have hella cramps and it’s just wicked gross in general and my emotions are shooting all over the damn place ugh I have way too much work to do to be getting distracted by this bullshit. … But it’s hard to stay focused and NOT be distracted when you are in constant pain (and not in the sexy way I like) and also emotionally ravaged (and not in the sexy way I like) and also worried about not bLeEdInG all over your clothes and furniture (and not in the sexy way I like).

Buuut my boyfriend did go to the store for me and buy me flowers and chocolate and tampons and wine (to kill the PAIN… but I can’t drink it yet because I have tons of work to do) Which was really sweet, and nice, and I love him.

Right…. back to work. I have aaaaaay LOT to do.


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