“ZZZzzzZZzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzzzzz” – My brain

I’m tired as hell. I spent all day writing a wicked long wicked hard paper. I actually started it yesterday and finished it today, and it still took me like almost 5 hours today. It was 11 pages long in total. BuuuuUUuuuuuUUUt … That’s the last fucking school thing that I have. It’s done. It’s over. That feels like a relief, and I allowed myself to bask in that relief for about an hour before I immediately started writing articles. I’ve gotten 3 done and I need to do one more before I go to sleep. It’s related to fashion advice, which I always find amusing since I seriously don’t know jack about fashion. It’s for dudes and I’m just like… um… suits? Ties? you probably should wear pants? (except it’s the UK so they say trousers or slacks, and pants are underwear.) I’m going to have 7 fucking guides to write tomorrow… soooo….. yeeeeah. That’s going to be …. yeah. Let’s see.. what else? I guess I need to sort of go back to the real world now that I don’t have this school stuff as an excuse to stay hermited inside my house and spend all my free time on sexy adventures. I have to like… balance my sexy adventures with other stuff. I need to hang out with my bro since I haven’t hung out with him in like a billion years. I’ll figure it out, I think, hopefully. I’ll make time for everything, I think hopefully. 


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