Awkward transactions

So my boyfriend and I were just in the dollar store because he wanted to buy some clothespins and candles … for … reasons. We were standing in line and I said “oh man, this is such an obvious purchase.” and he said “shut up! don’t even say that!” Then we went up to the cashier. She rang up the candles, she rang up the clothespins, and then she stopped and said “Do you know what else you can use these for?” … and I stood there trying not to laugh or smile too much like an idiot, feeling my soul ghost out of my mouth and hover over my head. “uuuh… no?” … “You can use them to close up chip bags!” she said, and my soul sucked back inside me and I laughed. “That’s a super good idea!” I said, as she proceeded to tell us a story about how she uses them for that. I almost died, it was ridiculous. 


4 thoughts on “Awkward transactions

  1. Somber says:

    🙂 That is pretty funny! I know I would be red in the face with a guilty conscious, absolutely certain that everyone could see what I was doing.

  2. doubtswithbenefits says:

    hahah that is amazing. “you know what you could use these for, other than obviously hanging your laundry to dry like you live in an idyllic 60’s suburb?” how innocent lol

    • valerianblue says:

      -actual laugh at idyllic 60s suburb- Right?! Like who the hell actually uses clothespins to hang their clothes? What is this antiquated technology? My boyfriend stayed quiet through the whole interaction and he said that if he had opened his mouth he would have just blurted out “Nipples!” … sooo I’m pretty glad he stayed quiet.

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