So sail, stalwart souls

Everyone understands the world differently, and interprets it differently, and reacts to it differently, and I cannot expect anyone to interpret it the same way as me … ever… for any reason I know this. But sometimes I still get really annoyed at how other people interpret the world. Just the difference between how they viewed this event and how they are reacting to it and how I saw it, and how I reacted, just … irks me for some reason. AaaaaAaaaanyway, The website I NEED to use to do my work went down last night (See: early this morning) So I couldn’t get as much of my work done as I wanted to. As a result I have hella more work to do today than I want. I’ve gotten some of it done but I still have a long way to go. Also I got woken up two hours earlier than I wanted, which is not exactly improving my demeanor. When we went out earlier today to grab some supplies I saw two separate people in the store wearing obvious collars that did *not* look like a simple fashion statement. (one was a choke chain) Apparently the freaks come out at 1 in the afternoon here?? It was pretty interesting. (I like having a collar that is 100% stealth for public wear, and then an obvious one for certain ~~activities~~) My little red volvo is in the shop, getting the AC fixed and making the front drivers’ side window roll down… hopefully. I’m hoping I can get it back by tomorrow, when I am blessedly free of work… but we will see. You know how car stuff goes. I Might be doing some recording early next week. Haven’t done music stuff in so long I’m just sorta like… ugh. Not super enthused to get back into it. But hopefully that will change. I need to get back to work now. I’m way more sensitive to caffeine than I used to be. It makes me SsSsSshake , but it keeps me awake.


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