Recording and a *new* #1 most traumatizing arachnid experience!

So I spent the last couple days and nights at my parents’ house my little brother, trying to get some recording done. My boyfriend came with me and hung out and kept the dogs occupied so they didn’t make hella noise and fuck up our recording. It was a pain in the ass as usual, but we managed to get one song fully recorded, piano and vocals. That qualifies as a success. One problem we ran into was that there were TONS of crickets outside chirping loud as fuck and the microphone picked that up… so my brother and I ran around outside with sticks trying to scare them off and get them to shut up, which sort of worked. Also the sustain pedal for his keyboard was being wicked loud and clunky, so we took that shit apart, and ended up putting it back together without the outer case on it because it was way quieter that way. Now it sorta looks like a weird post-apocalyptic dystopian future sustain pedal. … or something.


Here’s a picture of our overall recording set up, that we have to set up in our parents’ living room every goddamn time we record and it’s a big pain in the ass and there are a million cords everywhere.


It may look like weird chaotic tangled amateur hour, but all of our recording equipment is professional grade and we get some very nice acoustics in there.

Sooo…. this afternoon before we came back home we were all hanging around drinking some coffee (my brother was actually drinking tea but that really doesn’t matter as far as this story is concerned.) I got to my last sip of coffee, and felt something weird in my mouth. It felt sorta like a soggy piece of paper or something, so I spit it out into the cup. … … …



I flipped right the fuck out when I saw it.  Soooooo After I stopped screaming my bro got me a glass of water and a shot of tequila, which I took immediately and swished around in my mouth before swallowing. I kept FEELING the texture of it on my tongue, over and over. I STILL fucking feel that shit like 8 hours later, if I let myself think about it too hard. My brother is basically THE MOST arachnophobic person I’ve ever met. Seriously, He’s not afraid of many things but for some reason spiders terrify the living FUCK out of him, so he was freaking out baaasically as much as me. And honestly if someone had to get the spider I’m glad it wasn’t him because he seriously might have died. After we calmed down slightly he decided that he wanted to spread the (very dead) spider’s legs out a little so you could tell it was a spider in order to get a picture of it. In his own words: “It happened, we might as well get a picture of it.” It was basically in a little crumpled ball, so my bro took two toothpicks and tried to spread his legs out to get a view of its terrifying spider-y ness. About five seconds after he started doing that, He flipped out and screamed “IT’S COMING BACK TO LIFE!” and jumped back about 3 feet … … It wasn’t really, obviously, but when he poked it he made the body move more than he expected and freaked himself out. His scream freaked me right the fuck out too, because I was still traumatized. … We laughed hysterically after and he apologized for losing his shit, it was fairly hilarious. After that my boyfriend ended up spreading out its spider legs instead, so I could snap this shot.

Aaaaaand that’s basically the story. I’m still sort of traumatized from that whole experience and I don’t think I will be drinking coffee for a bit. I have a TONNNN of work I need to do, and my editor has been busting my {metaphorical} balls all week over stupid bullshit and stuff he is WRONG about which just makes me not want to do my work even more … but I have to, so yeah.


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