Today is my “wordpress anniversary” apparently, according to wordpress. That means a year ago I was in Martha’s Vineyard. That’s pretty nuts to think about. Um… anyway, today I went with my dad to get new front tires for my car. Speaking of anniversaries, I have now had my little red Volvo for 10 years. I find that thought sorta mind blowing to be honest. Longest relationship in my life. It’s you and me volvs, *imaginary fist bump with my car* ~~Anyways~~ So we went to get tires and it took a couple hours, so we ended up going to a thrift store nearby to kill some time. They were selling paperback books buy four get one free, so we decided to get five books. My dad and I are both pretty big fans of reading, so we just talked about different stuff we had read and recommended stuff to each other and ended up with three books for me and two for him. All in all it was a pretty decent day. I don’t spend too much time just with my dad. So, now I have new front tires that aren’t super bald and my alignment is fixed now. My back tires were still totally good which was nice because my dad was expecting to have to replace all of them. I need to go to the store, I need to do work. I’ve got hella articles to write, if I don’t do at least two tonight I will be screwing myself over pretty bad. Buuuuut I don’t want to do that. I just want to watch movies and maybe cuddle and maybe drink wine and maybe make out a lot. Responsibilities are wicked overrated and I want them all to just leave me the hell alone. 

Our gross annoying neighbor who has a loud annoying kid and smokes out on the porch all the time so his nasty smoke comes in our windows seems to have moved his parents into his apartment. They are also gross, and loud, and annoying. They also have a dog that barks all the fucking time and you aren’t even supposed to have pets here. They all stand outside and talk wicked loud all the time while I’m trying to sleep. Soooooo that’s been fun. I’m gunna go do work now or something whatever. 


One thought on “Anniversaries

  1. Warren Rainer says:

    You forgot how he howls with his dog too 😛

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