‘Apnoea’ is a temporary suspension of breathing during sleep!

I spent the majority of the day alone, not really doing anything. Staring at the internet and watching random youtube videos and AFP / NG interviews and songs and maybe crying slightly, for reasons. I should have been working all day but I didn’t do shit. Then I took a nap from 9pm-ish until 10pm-ish which wasn’t exactly good for my mental health or anything… but… -le shrug- Now I mostly just want to lay against my boyfriend and watch movies and get hugs and kisses and maybe hair pulls and light choking… But alas, I have articles due and I don’t want my stupid editor to give me shit again, even though he didn’t edit my stuff last week until like 3 days after I turned them in so I don’t see why he cares so hard. Soooooo… nocturnal writing time here I come. 


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